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Help your customers reach their goals sooner

A Holistic View

Our solution takes a holistic approach when it comes to your clients and their choices. We believe that in order to make educated decisions it is important that clients know where their money is coming from, where it is going to and how it needs to work for them.


Mind the gap

Many people experience a gap between what they need and what they have before and after a major life event.  Our solution is there to help pinpoint the shortfall whether it’s for Retirement Planning, Life Protection or meeting Savings and Wealth goals and establish the relative importance of each.

Your best recommendations for them

Based on your advice criteria, our solution will provide personalised recommendations.  Each suggestion is customised for individual needs and can take into account things like paying for college or purchasing a house.

Stay on top and ahead of the pack

Over time,  your client’s income and requirements will change, moving them away from or closer to their goals. Our solution helps them monitor their progress and identify if changes are needed to keep them on track.

Advice Plus The Exaxe Robo-advice solution

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